On-going Cruelty

Alarmed Residents

Concern over the treatment of animals at Stouffville Country Market has been going on for many years. In this video, a Stouffville Strawberry Festival attendee expresses her horror over what she witnessed at the Stouffville Country Livestock Market.

Bagged and Trunked

Aurora Animal Rights Advocates films animals being piled into bags then thrown into car trunks.

Animals Tossed in Trunks

Shopper confronts man putting animals in trunk.

From today's action. There were live chickens in the ONION BAG that were TOSSED into the trunk of a car as if they were a sack of potatoes. This is what many people have become; void of compassion and deaf to their conscience.

Posted by Suzanne Salvatore on Saturday, April 18, 2015